Sewage treatment plants

Your sewage treatment plant options

  • Containerised sewage treatment
  • Above/below ground sewage treatment
  • Chemical free sewage treatment
  • Large and domestic sewage treatment

Your sewage treatment plant requirements

Large-scale sewage treatment plants

Micon designs, manufactures, installs and operates turnkey large-scale sewage treatment plants. We are able to build these treatment plants according to our customers’ unique requirements.

Containerised sewage treatment plants

Tailored package plants specific to your sewage treatment requirements are flexible, scalable and robust, and can be quickly fabricated, delivered and installed to your site with plug-and-play functionality. 

These sewage treatment plant solutions can be easily modified, expanded, upgraded and moved from site to site, as and when sewage treatment specifications shift.

How sewage treatment plants work

The Sewage Treatment Plant process is similar to the way that a Septic Tank works but mechanical components provide a process to help break down solids to produce a cleaner, more environmentally friendly effluent.

Waste water and sewage, are fed into the primary settlement tank where solids and liquids separate and the liquor flows into the biozone chamber. 

In the chamber, a pump aerates the waste and encourages good bacteria to digest the organic matter, breaking it down and purifying it.

As it leaves the final chamber known as the humus chamber, the effluent is typically 95% clean and ready for discharge into local watercourses, ditches or land drainage systems, subject to consent by the Environment Agency.

Small Sewage Treatment Plants are the environmentally preferred alternative to Septic Tanks and Cesspits and are becoming more popular as a long-term domestic and commercial waste solution in areas where mains sewers are not easily accessible

If you depend on a Sewage Treatment Plant, you’ll have the backing of the Environment Agency and a clear conscience. 

The aeration process breaks down the waste and produces a higher quality effluent that’s already partially treated and clean enough to dispose of without harming the environment

Sewage treatment plant maintenance

We also maintains small scale and commercial Sewage Treatment Plants, keeping mechanical components in perfect working order through regular servicing. 

Sewage Treatment Plants also need to be emptied at least once a year to keep the system free of the sludge that accumulates naturally over time.

We offer a fast, friendly and very efficient service for the owners of theses Sewage Treatment Plants.

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