Municipal Backup System

What is a municipal backup system?

A water backup system will enable uninterrupted water usage in your home when the Municipal water system fails or is shut down for maintenance or repairs. 

A water tank and pump will be installed along the main water supply to the property. 

Water is fed into the tank from the municipal supply, when the tank is full, the water continues to flow into the water supply to the house. 

The water is constantly flowing through the tank, which means the water is not stagnant and there is always a tankful of fresh municipal water available. 

When the municipal water fails, the pump senses the loss of pressure, and the backup water supply is automatically pumped into your house when a tap is turned on. When the tap is closed, the pump will switch off automatically.

When the municipal water supply is restored, the water tank will automatically start to refill. 

The pressure pump will sense that municipal water is on again and you go back to using municipal water.

The size of the tank will depend on individual requirements. 


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