Wash Bay Water Recycling - Grey Water Recycling

Who Uses Wash Bay Water Recycling?

  • Car wash bays
  • Motor vehicle service centres
  • Rental vehicle fleet washing facilities
  • Truck wash bays
  • Train washing facilities
  • Bus wash bays

Wash Bay

What Are The Benefits Of Wash Bay Water Recycling


Plants that use vast amounts of water, benefit hugely by installing a water recycling system as they can save up to 95% of their water costs, as well as 95% of the municipal sewage charge, as the waste water is not being discharged anymore. Instead of paying the Municipality for new water and the cost of discharging this water to their sewage line, we basically reuse the water without needing to pay for it

Water Conservation

Instead of discharging the wastewater to municipal drains and surface waters such as rivers and oceans, the water is reused over and over again. It’s also environmentally responsible to reuse water instead of sending it down the sewer.

What Is Grey Water Recycling?

Grey Water recycling is reusing greywater (water that does not have sewage in it, but has been used already) for beneficial purposes such as washing vehicles, industrial processes, truck/car washes and toilet flushing. 

This process includes taking water from showers and baths, as well as truck/car washes. It excludes Industrial Effluent and Sewage Waste. Recycled grey-water can satisfy most water demands, as long as it is adequately treated to ensure water quality appropriate for the use. The chemical-free, biological treatment system consists of a series of bioreactors made from locally sourced plastic tanks and pumps. 

It is compact and unobtrusive and can be installed on any level surface with minimum disruption to the wash bay. it is modular so it can be upgraded by increasing its capacity and/or easily re-sited should the need arise. The design of the plant is such that any breakdown will not affect wash bay operations.


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