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Choose Micon Durban as your Construction Company

Micon Durban is a construction company based in Durban North, KwaZulu Natal.

We offer all building construction services, including: new homes; home renovations; and home extensions.

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Khoza High School Borehole and Water Solution

A major obstacle to schools in rural areas is to have a constant supply of potable water to be used for drinking, toilets, irrigation etc.

The MiCon Water Technology on-site borehole, filtration and storage plant is designed with simple functionality in mind; ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. 

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Sewage Treatment Plant - Ndumo Old Age Home

A major obstacle to new developments is waste water disposal. As pressure on the natural environment grows, authorities are looking for alternative ways to assimilate waste water especially in areas where no existing municipal sewage works exist.

MiCon Water Technology offers an inexpensive alternative for waste water treatment and disposal. 

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Smash it down and build a better home

We found an old run down house in this street, purchased it at a major discount and demolished it.

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We also provide property development opportunities for property investors.