Khoza High School Borehole and Water Solution

A major obstacle to schools in rural areas is to have a constant supply of potable water to be used for drinking, toilets, irrigation etc.

MiCon Water Technology offers an alternative water source, so that there is no more relying on municipal water trucks which are unreliable at the best of times. 

The MiCon on-site borehole, filtration and storage plant is designed with simple functionality in mind; ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. 

Our borehole system incorporates the very latest technology, providing clean potable water for use.


The function of the borehole is to access water veins in the earth to create a sump to capture water and use a borehole pump to access the said water. There is never a guarantee water will be found when a borehole is drilled. 

Fortunately not in the case at the Khoza high School site. We hit water at 40m and as we drilled further found the water was flowing in excess of 10kl per hour. 

The borehole was ultimately drilled to 65m, a 120mm PVC pipe with a stop end and access holes drilled into the pipe and installed 60m into the borehole. The pipe is to stop small pebbles getting sucked into the borehole pump causing malfunction.

Borehole Pump

The function of the borehole pump, submersible borehole motor and pump is to deliver the captured water in the above mentioned sump and pump through a 50mm hdpe pipe into a sand filter, then an activated carbon filter and finally into the 5kl holding tank on top of the 6m tank stand.

Sand & Activated Carbon Filters

There are 2x 1265 filter vessels, the first vessel is filled with sand and the second vessel is filled with activated carbon. Both vessels are fitted with automatic backwash heads.

The function of the sand filter is to extract any kind of solids such as Iron, Silica and hardness in the water. As each filter is fitted with an automatic backwash head, the filters are maintenance free. 

The filters will automatically backwash as and when a backwash is needed.

5000 litre Holding Tank

We then installed a 5kl holding tank to capture the water and gravity feed the filtered water to a 10kl holding tank, the toilets and a tap outlet. 

A high level float switch is installed to stop the borehole pump when the tanks are full, giving the site a 15kl water storage capacity.

JOJO Tanks

MiCon are JOJO Tank Recommended Installers. We find that their tanks give the best quality if installed correctly for a process such as described above. 

They also offer an 8 year warranty on all of their products which gives good piece of mind in purchasing such water storage.

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