Sewage Treatment Plant - Ndumo Old Age Home

Sewage Treatment Plant for an Old Age Home

Ndumo is a small rural town on the border of Mozambique and Swaziland about 400km North of Durban. 

We received a contract to install a Sewage Treatment System at an Old Age Home in this area, as there are no current Municipal Sewage Line installed.

Background to the Sewage Treatment Plant System

A major obstacle to new developments is waste water disposal. As pressure on the natural environment grows, authorities are looking for alternative ways to assimilate waste water especially in areas where no existing municipal sewage works exist.

MiCon Water Technology offers an inexpensive alternative for waste water treatment and disposal. 

Our on-site treatment plants are designed with simple functionality in mind, ensuring ease of installation and maintenance. Our aeration system incorporates the very latest Aeration Technology, providing dynamic mixing of air and water to neutralize harmful organisms.

Over the last 10 years much research and development has gone into improving aeration in our systems. 

This has culminated into what is believed to be the most efficient and robust oxygen distribution system in the sewage industry today. 

Not only has better aeration greatly improved results, we have effectively managed to keep energy and monetary costs minimal. 

We are affordable and environmentally friendly sewage treatment specialists.

The treated effluent complies with local and international accepted standards and can be reused as irrigation, ideal for dry areas or simply returned to the environment.

Ndumo Sewage Treatment Plant Installation

So with the above in mind, we installed a Micon Sewage Treatment System at the Ndumo Old Age Home, which actually services itself by the organisms consuming the Sewage in the holding chambers. 

The water that comes out at the end of the process, is environmentally clean and doesn't need any chemicals to clean it. We are saving the client approximately 40% of normal Municipal Sewage costs.

This was a rewarding project in that we created a lifestyle change for a group of elderly people in a very Rural Area of South Africa.


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