Kitchen Renovations 

It is interesting that many houses in Durban North/ Umhlanga area were built with kitchens that were very separate from the rest of the house. 

This is because of a very conservative view that the wife, who was the only one working in the kitchen, should prepare the food in a space that no one could see. How Times have changed!

Not to mention the fact that some guys are also getting their hands dirty in the kitchen nowadays, the kitchen has actually become a very social place. 

Most people actually use the kitchen as the main hub or starting point for their social gatherings and like to prepare the food while their guests are watching, before moving to other areas to actually eat. 

Open plan kitchens are also good for a social family, or even just a mother that wants to keep an eye on the kids while she is busy doing some baking. 

Whatever your needs and whoever cooks your meals, be it man or wife, open plan kitchens are here to stay.

Remember that updating or changing your kitchen will also add huge value to your house and will usually be the deal clincher or breaker as to someone wanting to buy your house at a higher price or not.




MiCon are JOJO Water Tank recommended installers.

We also provide property development opportunities for property investors.


Choose Micon Durban as your Construction Company

Micon Durban is a construction company based in Durban North, KwaZulu Natal.

We offer all building construction services, including: new homes; home renovations; and home extensions.

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Khoza High School Borehole and Water Solution

A major obstacle to schools in rural areas is to have a constant supply of potable water to be used for drinking, toilets, irrigation etc.

The MiCon Water Technology on-site borehole, filtration and storage plant is designed with simple functionality in mind; ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. 

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