Granny Flats and Garden Cottages

Times have changed, rentals have increased and property is often too costly for people to purchase. 

We have seen a trend in recent times, where people, realizing that outbuildings, (like garages or domestic worker quarters) can be changed into livable, rentable flats that can either cover the bond repayment, provide extra income for the owner or create a space that a family can live in.

This is where we come in!

We have done numerous conversions of old run down buildings, to beautiful modern spaces for mostly “non-grannies” to live in. 

The amount you pay in converting the place, is very little compared to the increase in value of the property, not to mention the monthly income derived from such a conversion. It is totally worth it!

Very often people have asked for granny flats on top of their double garage which makes for a very cozy 40m2 of stylish upstairs living, especially when it creates a see view. 

Give it some thought, maybe there is a space on your property that we can cheaply change for you, to create an extra income stream. 

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MiCon are JOJO Water Tank recommended installers.

We also provide property development opportunities for property investors.


Choose Micon Durban as your Construction Company

Micon Durban is a construction company based in Durban North, KwaZulu Natal.

We offer all building construction services, including: new homes; home renovations; and home extensions.

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Khoza High School Borehole and Water Solution

A major obstacle to schools in rural areas is to have a constant supply of potable water to be used for drinking, toilets, irrigation etc.

The MiCon Water Technology on-site borehole, filtration and storage plant is designed with simple functionality in mind; ensuring ease of operation and maintenance. 

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